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Mistress Slave

September 9, 2010

Mistress slave BDSM life styles are characterized by the master slave concept and that is of course a great contributing factor to its vivid aggressive nature. They Involve 2 people in several roles and often showcase a variety of intensity of pain and act patterns. Of course the sadistic and violent nature of bdsm is considered unpleasant by some people. The mistress slave form is one among the famous roles in bdsm lifestyle. The salve is subjected to tortures and verbal abuses and the level of pain involved depends on the submissive persons and dominant person’s interest.

Bdsm mistress slaves are turned on by the dominance that he is subjected to and the aggressive acts that are performed on him. Of course in extreme cases, the slaves are whipped and physically assaulted at a really high degree. There are some people who find the bdsm slave stories to be highly arousing and seem to turn them on to a great extent. This of course is subjective and varies from person to person. Sometimes the slaves are highly trained to perform well with the bdsm life styles. Men find it highly arousing when a woman happens to bestow dominance and authority on them, especially when it is in an erotic way.

The mistress and slave involve themselves in sexual and erotic pleasures in an aggressive and violent way. Mistress’s act of dominance on the submissive slave is a highly erotic one and a stage pleasure is involved in it. Some cases, the mistress is quite older than the slave who might happen to be a young boy and that is found even more arousing to some people. Often couples involve in bdsm life styles and in such cases, the husband happens to be the slave and wife plays the dominant one. Nevertheless, the tortured slaves are highly satisfied for their erotic needs in this aggressive way. So what are you waiting for find your Mistress Slave now.

Beyond the Bedroom: Mistress Slave Cumming Hard

March 2, 2011
Beyond the Bedroom: Mistress Slave Cumming Hard

Hi, this is Lisa. I am a BDM slave torture mistress instructor who provides BDSM slave training to new girls who want to perform mistress slave roles in the bedroom. I want to share my experience and thoughts about being a mistress slave trainor for many years. Girls come to me and ask me to teach them the techniques of slave torture because they want to satisfy their clients as much as they want to satisfy their sexually addicted selves. Yes, I would say sexually addicted because the pleasure that they feel making sex with unknown men is too much. I used to think they have problems that would make them want to undergo intensive BDSM slave training with me. They would want me to demonstrate to them how to become a mistress slave in front of their lovers. That would be an awful threesome. The only difference is that, the 3rd guy is an spectator.

The first thing that I always tell them being a mistress slave is to never let their clients penetrate their pussy regardless of how wet it is. The technique is to tease these guys as a mistress slave and let them want you even more. If they want to make money out of their lovers’ ecstasy, then this is the time that they can make money out of getting these guys excited beyond expectations during the slave torture scene. The boyfriend was watching when I had made the first day of BDSM slave training with Mara. Mara was so excited with her BDSM slave training. She would do everything to make her boyfriend experience some fun. I let her watch me first as I take off my shirt then told her to do the same. Her boyfriend’s eye became larger and he looked excited breathing a bit heavily now. Well, seeing two girls nude could be starting to make him crazy now. I am sure this is his first experience.

We were doing the BDSM slave training on the terrace. Anybody could see us doing mistress slave roles if they are that lucky. I sucked the nipples of Mara and see if this has any effect on the boyfriend. I am sure that finding what her boyfriend wants with the mistress slave would be fun. However, Mara started to get excited and responded by playing on my nipples. I told her to let the boyfriend suck on one nipple while I suck on the other nipple of Mara. She was screaming wildly now. I think she cannot handle two different tongues playing on her nipples. My fingers went to caress the boyfriend’s cock while the fingers of her boyfriend went to hammer her wet pussy. We were just starting but I guess the sucking and the fingering get them both wild. As that was their first experience, they cum fast screaming. I was shocked. So soon…. Guess I think we need to start the training again after a while.

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